A Guide to 7 fundamental steps of UI/UX Design Resulting in 10x audience engagement

June 2023
12 min

One of the most important aspects of mobile applications, eCommerce stores, or even business websites is the UI/UX design in Kuwait

The first thing when a user lands on a website or an app sees the design, and if the design is not smooth, they quickly switch over to the next website. 

Today, a website or an app is not just about connecting with a user or providing services, but it’s all about experience. As Lezasolutions provide best mobile app development service always benefits businesses to scale up to the next level within the industry. 

It’s the same scenario when we visit a departmental store for shopping and before we look at products all our observation goes towards the navigation & experience. 

Can we easily find a product or look for payment convenience at a store? Is it easy or a long queue? We certainly do not like standing in line for hours because we want solutions at a faster pace. 

Similarly, a visitor looks for easy access, design, and soothing colors that do not distract their eyes. Interestingly, Lezasolutions provide best UI/UX design that can fulfill all your business needs in a stipulated timeline. 

And to your surprise, brands invest a lot of hefty budget behind their website, app, or even an eCommerce store because that’s where the user engages. 

Let’s find out 7 fundamental steps of UI/UX that influence 10x user engagement:-

  1. User-centric design – It’s easy to design an app or develop a website that a designer like, but it’s about putting yourself into the shoes of a user. When you do this, it will be easier to understand key problems users face. You can hire best UX designers in Kuwait for all your ideas and end-goals.
    Focusing on the design lures companies, agencies, designers, or influencers, but a normal user is everything for your business.
    In that case, you cannot take the complicated approach, making things weird and meaningless and bursting up a lot of money with no results.
    Instead, develop a user-centric product, identifying all the loopholes, challenges, and outdated implementations that do not help engage a user.
    And the best way is to do in-depth market research and collect user feedback to get into pinpoints, saving up a lot of time. Lezasolutions provide best UI/UX design that enhances user-experience thereby increasing the engagement.
    Implementing your product’s most recent, trending, and seamless UI/UX principles can do wonders with an optimistic approach.
  2. Seamless flow – The entire design flow must be consistent and navigational from one page to another. Sometimes we find that the links or the page are not well designed.
    And people find it confusing if the pages are not hyperlinked to the main menu.
    This creates a lot of chaos for visitors to surf content on a website or an app.
    The placement of buttons, content placement, consistent templates across all the pages, and brand colors are crucial in boosting user engagement. To do this you will need to get in touch with trusted UX designer in Kuwait.
  3. The design structure is the key – The structure of the entire website or an app should be hierarchical and such that the content is easily accessible.
    While designing, this step is often underlooked, which greatly impacts user engagement. All the pages need to be in a tree-like structure from the first to the last. Notably, Lezasolutions provide best mobile app development service who really understands and implements industry-best practiced design structure that actually provides better ROI for a business due to increased engagement.
    As a result, your user will find it easy and useful and fall in love with the design because of its seamless approach. And as a designer, it simplifies the designing process because you do not have to add a lot of functionalities, elements, or even plugins.
    After all, your website or app has a clean, easy design structure. Lezasolutions provide best UI/UX design is the most prominent solution provider when it comes to improving user experience.
    Furthermore, this helps create the sitemap that makes the site accessible to all users.
  4. Be clear with the context – While designing an app or a website, it should be clear that the design will be responsive for all types of devices.
    It also includes deciding how a user will interact with the website.
    Here, the approach is an emotional design that decides in what environment a user is accessing the website.
    They expect the design to be dynamic so that they can use a website in different moods depending on the situation.
  5. Let the users feel special – Your website design should be such that inexperienced users and an expert can use it easily the way they want.
    This does not mean you give your users total control over your web pages, but the design should be cognitive.
    It is not advisable to stuff your web pages full of information, making it difficult for first-time users to consume content or navigate across different pages.
    Even if you keep advanced features for your website, there should be an easy way for normal users to get the best user experience.
  6. Accessibility is vital – We have often seen that disabled people or senior citizens find it very hard to access websites due to the absence of accessibility options.
    A website design should be user-friendly and, at that same time, easy to surf for disabled people and senior citizens.
    Everyone is there online to get help or information to accomplish a task. In such a scenario, if we collectively make it simpler for them, there is nothing better than that.
    It might seem a tedious task, but there are amazing resources available that will guide you to create designs keeping into consideration accessibility options.
    When you create designs that are easily accessible for disabled people, it gives a perspective that you care about them. There are top UI/UX design company in Kuwait who can help you with it.
  7. Testing is the king – Be it a website, mobile app, web app, or any software, if a design, functionalities, features, responsiveness, content, performance, security, user-friendliness, navigation, and color schemes are well-analyzed during the final stage just before the launch will help you to rectify all of the loopholes.


Today, UI/UX is the path to a business’s success and engagement with the audience. Lezasolutions provide best UI/UX design can be a single source of contact takes user-first approach in designing an application.

The more friendly design is, the more people will love to interact with it, which will have a long-lasting impact on them your business. The scope of getting expert UX developers in Kuwait is much higher due to growing demands within different industries. 

So, start considering these steps right from today onwards.